Reel Riches Fortune Age Review

Reel Riches Fortune Age Review: RTP 96.47% (WMS)

Are you looking for the Reel Riches Fortune Age review? This game is a WMS slot machine that is all about Chinese fortunes and how to get them. The Asian influence is obvious in the design, but the features appear to be equally important to the game’s appeal.

Summary of Reel Riches Fortune Age Review

Reel Riches Fortune Age will be played on 5 reels with 40 active paylines. There’s a Mega Jackpot that pays out 1,250x the round’s stake, as well as some really cool features like free spins with up to 4x multipliers, scatters, a Wheel Bonus, and wilds.

1. Betting Options

You’ll need to use 40 lines to place a bet in this slot, but the amount you put into each one doesn’t have to be very large. Because the minimum bet per line is $0.01, you can wager as little as $0.40 per spin. 

However, larger budgets are also accommodated, so you can spend up to $100 per spin, using $2.50 per line if you really want to.

The top prize for a single combo will be $1,250, which will be awarded in exchange for forming the correct combination on it using Coins as symbols. 

The Wheel Bonus, however, will provide the best payout of the game, with a Mega Jackpot worth up to 1,250x the stake, or $125,000. That’s a much more impressive jackpot, as I’m sure you’ll agree, and it also helps the game achieve its 96.47% long-term RTP.

2. Game Features

We’ll start by talking about the wild feature, as we do in a lot of other games, because it’s the one we expect you to see the most as you play this one. 

It’s a straightforward wild feature that can be used as a substitute, allowing it to be a part of a variety of winning combos if it appears in the right place. It does not, however, substitute for the jackpot or scatter symbols.

The Coins scattered throughout the game are used to get you to the Wheel Bonus. When 1+ scattered Coins are visible, the feature in question will be activated. 

The wheel associated with those reels will begin to spin. Depending on how many of the 1 to 4 coins are present on the reel that activated the feature, the window is also increased by 1 to 4 wedges for the wheel.

Updates to better payouts, jackpots, or regular cash wins will be included in the wedges you receive on the wheel. 

The jackpot that you can win is determined by the coins you receive, which is a fixed amount that varies between 15x and 1,250x the stake (from Mini Jackpot to Mega Jackpot, 5 distinct ones being accessible in that range).

Fee spins will also be available inside, which will be triggered by the usual 3-5 scatters, with Green Dragons as the image. Aside from a prize of up to 50 times your stake, you’ll also get a feature that could award you up to 23 free spins and 4x multipliers.

3. Design and Theme

The concept is inspired by China, and it includes a number of images that we’ve seen before. There are playing cards, but there are also local men, ingots, bottles, pots, and vases, as well as coins and dragons to be found. It’s a game with a decent appearance, similar to many others released by WMS. Try playing Mesin Slot Online Gacor Maxwin for best results.

Final Words

In conclusion of Reel Riches Fortune Age review, the game is going to do particularly well in terms of features, which is always a plus in a game.

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