New WSOP Circuit Winners

What is Advice from Two New WSOP Circuit Winners and Worker in the Poker Industry

The fact that Alcorn and Nuwwarrah pass the most of their working days next to a poker game, neither is a professional poker player. They are two new WSOP Ciruit Winner and also worker on poker land. They had had direct interaction with pro players, which has aided in the development of their game and, as a result, has contributed to their recent achievements.

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The New WSOP Circuit Winners : Who is Alcorn?

Alcorn is a professional poker dealer who has dealt at the WSOP Main Event final table each of the previous five years, while Nuwwarah is a PokerNews editor or reporter.

Both Alcorn and Nuwwarah got their start in the poker game as players. Each, however, followed a distinct route that led to their individual professions. Alcorn was playing poker with a buddy when she was approached and promised a free cruise if she dealt. Her curiosity peaked, she took a chance. As she grew more comfortable dealing on cruises, Alcorn began to inquire about gambling on the circuit, including at the WSOP, and the following years.

The New WSOP Circuit Winners : Who is Nuwwarah?

Nuwwarah, from Omaha, Nebraska, was playing poker at his local casino, the Horseshoe Council Bluffs. However, after majoring in media at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, he noticed a job opening with PokerNews, and with a little effort, he was able to report for PN during the 2013 World Series of Poker.

Because both of these recent WSOP circuit ring winners have spent many hours observing hand after hand of poker, I ended up asking them for some advice based on their day jobs as well as their experiences as players.

Two New WSOP Circuit Winners Give Best Advice as Worker

Their world is very interesting because both of them are new WSOP Circuit Winners who work in casinos. In fact, Alcorn has spent many hours dealing with some of the top players in the world and on the world’s largest poker stages.

Her ability to analyze her opponents is the most important skill she has gained from observing great players.

“One advantage of being able to observe these guys all the time is that it allows me to practice my reading abilities,” she adds. “I use all of the information from their feelings, responses, and tells to mentally predict what hand they could have and check if I’m correct. This is something I’ve always done, but as I continue to deal season after season, I pick up on more and feel more confident making important reads when I play.”

What did Nuwwarah do as Live Event Poker Reporter

As a live event reporter, Nuwwarah has also witnessed hundreds of hours of poker. Observation is the one piece of advice he has used in his own game.

“The quantity of knowledge you can receive from performing live poker is so much greater than you can get from playing online poker,” explains Nuwwarah. “You may examine each showdown, monitor each player while they play the hand, and actually adjust to each unique opponent according to the data you receive from observing. You can gather a lot of knowledge if you pay attentively.”

“I frequently see players going on autopilot and not being engaged at the table, especially when they are not in the position,” Nuwwarah explains. “By removing those distractions and focusing more on what’s going on at the table, they’d undoubtedly vastly enhance their game.”

The New WSOP Circuit Winners Give Advice as a Player

Both Nuwwarah and Alcorn are the new WSOP Circuit Winners. Starting from Alcorn who has a hectic dealing schedule, Alcorn doesn’t get to play very frequently, but when she does, she discovers that she must be patient and persistent. Different from Nuwwarah as a player would like to engage in poker table tournaments. Check this out!

Alcorn Believe in Player Patience to Win

“The most important aspect of becoming a player is patience,” Alcorn explains. “In my opinion, this trait truly distinguishes a true poker player.” You must also have a certain level of perseverance. I’ve seen people struggle over and over until they finally hit a huge one. Then they get back to work and do it all over again. It is unusual for you to enter one competition and win it. If that’s what you’re hoping for, you’ll be terribly disappointed.”

“You must also be ready to deal with the ups and downs of event poker,” she says. “You must learn how to lose, how to win, and how to deal with everything in between.” You must understand that you will not win them all, and you might play excellently while yet failing to achieve victory.”

Nuwwarah tried to Learn Poker Strategy from other Players

Nuwwarah felt it was critical for him to establish a circle of players with whom he could debate poker hands and cope with the inevitable fluctuations in the game.

He shared a room with numerous top circuit grinders at the recent WSOP Horseshoe Hammond series, including 10-time WSOP Circuit solitaire diamond winner Josh Reichard, four-time champion Mark Fink, and two-time winner Chris Conrad.

“My recommendation would be to meet those players with whom you love hanging out and eventually become engaged in some sort of poker group,” Nuwwarah recommends. “You can learn poker from great guys, but they can also help you overcome the ups and downs of poker.” You should try to discover players with a bit more experience and talent than you. You want to speak poker with people who have had success recently in the tournaments you play in, not with players who are much above your skillset or buy-in money.”

Both give helpful and encouraging examples of how we may improve our skills not just by playing, but also by watching others play and join situs slot online.

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