Animal Carnival Slot

Animal Carnival Slot Demo Machine Review: Looks and All Explanations

Animal Carnival slot demo is a slot game developed by Fantasma Games. It has a configuration of 5 columns cut by 6 rows with 10 paylines. The game takes place in a magnificent meadow where a circus show is being prepared. In the game grid, crocodiles, monkeys, cats, bears and warthogs prepare their tricks. They are thus likely to make you win multipliers, free spins, and the Sparkle Wild Feature symbol represented by a cannon that has the ability to transform several symbols into Wild in the game grid. The maximum probable win in Animal Carnival is 5,000 times the original bet.

Looks – Enjoy a circus performance on the prairie

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The Animal Carnival slot machine invites you to a verdant meadow nestled in the heart of a forest as beautiful as it is wondrous. The whole screen is dominated by green, because the vegetation covers everything. Even the sky. To the right of the game grid, we can see a caravan at the top of which is attached a “Circus” sign. It probably represents the administrative office of the animal circus in which Fantasma Games wants to lead us. The grass is particularly rough in this place, up to the valley which hosts the game grid. Note the mini wooden construction resembling the lines of a railway. It can also form the foundation of a circus castle. On the other side of the grid, it is the reign of nature.

The Animal Carnival game grid is a stage show. The front wall constitutes the columns. He is in the woods. It also interacts with the large red curtain located above. You will see it during the game: stars, on the curtain, influenced by what is happening in the main grid. In this grid, you will find the classic suite going from the 10 to the Ace card. Similarly, you will also find bears, monkeys, crocodiles, cats, and warthogs. The Wild is represented by a star in the center of which sits “W”.

Several free spins and multipliers are available.

Animal Carnival offers 5 columns cut by 6 rows with 10 paylines. The redistribution rate set at 95.64% is combined with an average volatility. Buy your game ticket within the authorized range and included from 20 cents to 200 euros per round.

Animal Carnival is gifted, like other slots, with the winning cascade system. In this system, the symbols involved in a winning combination are systematically replaced by others located in the vicinity.

All winning combinations are accompanied by a proportional addition in a gauge dedicated to this effect. In the same way, winning combinations involving the Wild contribute to the filling of another gauge dedicated to this effect. Each time 3 Wilds are collected, this gauge increases by 1 point. These gauges accumulate earnings which are then returned to you. The amounts of the first gauge are then multiplied by the figure generated by the gauge of the second gauge.

You also get this feature during free spins. To trigger the free spins, you have to line up 3 bonus symbols. You win 10 free spins. In addition, during these spins, any additional bonus symbol grants you 1 additional free spin. You can also buy free spins with the equivalent of your bet, multiplied by 70.

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You will also see a cannon symbol in the game grid. It is rare. But when it appears, it remains in the grid until the end of the cascades. Once this is established, all cannons are replaced with regular slot symbols, providing an opportunity to produce a winning combination. In the same register, there is the Sparkle Wild Feature. The latter transforms 1 to 4 other symbols, as well as itself, into Wild. So many bonuses that bring you closer to the probable maximum gain set at 5,000 times the initial bet.

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